JPR Productions is a high-end creative boutique that builds engaging content to bring brands to life.

It’s been said that consumers do not buy into products, they buy into brands—and every brand has a unique story to tell. Now more than ever, consumers are savvier and more conscientious about the impact of their purchasing decisions. Through the progression of multimedia technology and distribution, consumers can build an emotional connection and make more informed decisions about a brand in ways traditional advertising has not been able to offer.

At JPR Productions, it is our mission to create compelling story-driven multimedia content to help brands connect with consumers and build a visual identity in the marketplace. Ultimately, concept is King—and we collaborate with brands to create high-end creative concepts to promote your brand across various platforms. 


Preproduction | Production | Post Production

At JPR Productions we produce content that tell your story. But first, we get to know who you are as a brand, your goals and what differentiates you in the marketplace.

Our process begins with a detailed media and branding needs assessment that defines core messaging in a detailed strategic project plan. Next, we create a visual style custom-tailored to your brand’s digital marketing and broadcast strategies and then execute, employing our exceptional team of directors, artists, camera operators, editors, audio specialists and production technicians to bring your story to life.

  • Commercials
  • Corporate Communication Videos
  • Brand Films | Documentaries
  • Commercial Real Estate Films
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Digital signage content including indoor and outdoor marquees and billboards
  • Multi Cam Live-event content for meetings and conventions
  • Online content for websites and social media marketing
  • Live Streaming


Brand Experience, A/V Production and Support

Face-to-face interaction with your target audience and consumers is vital conducting business and building meaningful relationships. JPR Productions AVS offers impactful audio and visual solutions to effectively convey your brand messaging story at large or small scale meetings, events and conventions.

Services and support include:

  • Event Technology  
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Production Design
  • Event Video & Photography
  • Crew Management
  • Digital Mapping
  • Audio
  • Video Streaming


Event Production and AV Solutions Reel

TVC - "Victory Dance" - myVegas

TVC - "Mansion Party"  Rose. Rabbit. Lie

Online featurette - "The Memorabilia Guy" - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Online series "No Limit Zone" - Cirque du Soleil

Architecture Cinematography Reel

Online mini featurette - "Mystere Refresh" Cirque u Soleil

TVC - "Victory Dance - Ladies"  - myVegas

TVC - "Madame Tussuads"

Social Media press release  - "One Night One Drop BTS" 



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